Winged Migration in Process

Posted by on May 14, 2016 in sent and received | Comments Off on Winged Migration in Process

Butterflies are flying in from all points – Christa in Virginia, Julianne and Mary S. in California, Laura and Peggy in Georgia, Marianne in Florida, Nann in Illinois, Robin in Mississippi (wow, typing that reminds me of grade school spelling bees), Susan in Tennessee, Teresa in Texas, and Myrna, just over the bridge here at home in Michigan. Thank you all for such beautifully made blocks.

I have let the milkweed grow wild here on my sand dune. In the summer and autumn it feeds the birds and the Monarch butterflies, but right now, the birds are harvesting the outer fiber from last year’s stems to line their nests. It isn’t coming up yet, but soon it will appear to glorify the landscape and to make my winged companions happy.

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