The May Mailing Info has been SENT

Posted by on June 2, 2016 in housekeeping | Comments Off on The May Mailing Info has been SENT

LongLineUSPSIf you made lotto blocks in May, you should have email from me with the information you need to mail them to one or more of the winners. I’ll be standing in a line like this one later today …

The numbers and directions are a little different for this one because you need to send mirror-image pairs of the leaf blocks–I think of them as “lefts” and “rights,” but you might identify them in some other way. Other months, if you made 6 blocks, you’d be sending 3 each to 2 winners, but this time, you’ll be sending 2 blocks (1 pair) to one and 4 blocks (2 pairs) to another.

As usual, if you notice any errors in the mailing info, please let me know ASAP … and thanks in advance for mailing early.

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