2018 Block Lotto

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A lot of you said you wanted the Block Lotto to continue. To do so, I need your help.

Offers to help with the expenses of maintaining the site are very much appreciated, but I also need help leading the monthly activities: choosing the blocks, making samples, creating (or referencing a block pattern), keeping track of blocks posted by others.

More than a dozen people responded to the survey, saying they would be willing to help in this way … but only one of you stepped up publicly.  A couple others who have previously volunteered to help have also committed.

Thank you Angie, Cathy K, Deanna, Linda, Julie W and Robin.

But, I need more help. If you volunteered and I missed it–please email me again.

If you want to help and lead a month of the Block Lotto, but don’t have a block in mind or aren’t comfortable writing patterns, you can choose a Block Lotto block from the past: a good place to start looking might be here.

I will take care of the Block Lotto in JANUARY, but if others don’t step to take on the work for the following months, I simple will NOT be able to continue and there will be no Block Lotto. It’s not because of a lack of desire, but real physical/health limitations.  Maintaining this website, the database of names/addresses of members and sorting out who sends blocks to which winners each month is ALL I WILL BE ABLE TO DO.

For those who want to help with the expenses of the site, please contact me by email .



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