"Mom" and her "Eleventh"

Posted by on March 3, 2009 in blocks | 1 comment

Last week, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Michelle–known as mom of 11 on the quilting forums–and her youngest daughter Ginger, as they were passing through Dallas on their way south.

Michelle and GingerThis seemed like the right place to share the photo, since Michelle has been making blocks for the lotto for as long as I have been holding the block lotto–almost every month of six of the last seven years.

The last time I saw Michelle and Ginger was about five years ago at the Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago.

She still doesn’t look old enough to be the mother of eleven . . .

1 Comment

  1. She sure doesn’t look old enough – or TIRED enough, LOL! How nice to see you, Michelle – thanks Sophie for posting that!

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