Question for August Blocks

Posted by on August 8, 2009 in blocks | 1 comment

After making two backwards before getting the update, I have begun on the proper squares now. My question is – Are we leaving paper on or off when mailing? If we are taking off, I find it easiest to tear away when finishing each block than sitting and doing it all at once.

1 Comment

  1. For this block, it would be pretty hard NOT to end up with your edges on-grain, so I think it would be nice for our winners, if the paper piecers WOULD remove the foundations before mailing to the winner. I do know that this is not the norm and I would happy to listen to any reasons anyone has for leaving the paper foundation on . . . I just can't imagine that the paper-pieced log cabins will end up with any stretchy edges, can anyone see how that might happen (unless you were piecing with bias strips–please let's not try that, OK 😉

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