I swear….

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that the blocks are going in the mail! The Man said that he was going to mail them along with the bills and family cards last Tuesday…when we were going to the grocery store and I put Hazel in the back seat….I found all the mail!!! He SWEARS it will go out tonight, if not then I will do it tomorrow after work. (I get off at 1:30pm)

in the meantime, I LOVE this months blocks and went a little overboard. Yellow/blues one of my favorite combos. I made 12, but one turned out way wrong. I hope we get 2-3 winners so I can break them up a bit more, but for sure no two have 2 fabrics alike…sure one fabric in common, but not two!


  1. oh, the picture doenst show that there are 5 different blues and 6 different yellows….and lots of black/white combos

  2. THey look great! Won't these blocks make a great quilt?! I've got a 4 yr old grandson visiting with me for another week, and I've been gone a week making my grandkid visits as well, so no time yet to sit and sew…I'm hoping to get him to help sort scraps! I soooo want to organise that scrap bin…wish me luck!

  3. When I look at the sea of stars in your group of blocks, it's easy to see how this block was named Milky Way. They look great, Lisa.

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