Milky Way blocks

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Here are my first 5, I intend to complete 9 for the lotto. I sure like these blocks and hope that I get lucky in the draw!
ACKK! The last patch on the top row needs to be turned…
Pat K


  1. Isn't it amazing how sometimes we don't see the mistake in a block until we've made it, pressed it, put it up on the design wall and taken a photo of it AND posted it on a blog . . . at least that's how it usually works for me 😉

    I've added your four correct blocks to the list and will add the fifth (probably along with the rest you make) when you fix that corner, OK?

    Our new total-so-far this month is 53 blocks.

  2. I am a new reader, haven't contributed any blocks yet, but maybe this month. I have a question for any hand-piecers in the group. Due to a lot of travel recently that takes me away from my machine, I decided to start a grandmother's flower garden quilt, to reproduce one like one my grandmother had made. I'm not doing paper piecing but have a rubber stamp that prints the cutting and stitching line, and works pretty well.
    My question is about pressing the little hexagons. Do I press the seams open, which is difficult, or towards the center, sideways, or what? Thanks for any guidance. I've been pleasantly surprised at how quickly these can go together while I'm watching tv. I've finished about 20 3-level flowers since starting in August. I'm planning a double or queen size so need to do at least 48. I now need to add the white level and then all the flowers will be connected with a solid green, very traditional look; I'm using 30's repro fabrics.
    Linda Newman

  3. Hi Linda,
    I'm a hand-piecer, but I've only ever done GFG quilts using the English Paper Piecing method, where the seams are automatically open (because of the hexes being basted onto paper templates). One advantage of this is that you don't end up with lots of layers of seam allowance where the points meet.
    Not sure what I'd do if I was using your method – I think I'd find the inset corners difficult if the seams were pressed sideways. However, I wish you luck with your quilt – sounds lovely!
    Louise in Derbyshire, UK

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