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so I went to the library to see who I have to send things to (I have probably told you this before but when Adam downloaded some stupid music thing it messed up all of adobe and gave us a bug that makes it so we can’t install or uninstall programs….lovely! so I can’t read pdf files at home) and then go to the post office on the way home, I discovered I deleted Sophies e-mail…point being, would Sophie or someone else let me know who/where/how many blocks I need to send out….If you could see how red my cheeks were!!! (as an aside it’s over freezing for the first time in two weeks, with at least 4 of the past 7 days below 0 F!!! I hear all of you about the cold!)


  1. Lisa, I just forwarded the email for mailing blocks to your hotmail address. Hope it helps! Let me know that you received it, so I'll be sure that I sent it to the correct address.

  2. oh wow! you are quick! Thank you, I got them both! My blocks will be in the mail either mon or tues!!

  3. That *was* quick. I just saw your message and before I could walk over to my laptop and send you email with the addresses in plain text so you wouldn't need Adobe, you had posted your thank you message.

    Rho, thanks so much for taking care of Lisa. I really appreciate it.

  4. Lisa and Sophie – both of you are welcome, no worries. I'm glad that I was able to assist!

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