Preparing for Block Lotto 2010

Posted by on December 30, 2009 in blocks | 7 comments

I’ve been getting ready for Block Lotto 2010. I’ve updated the Block Lotto Guidelines post, to reflect the (small) changes we’ll be making next year.

I’ve also been working on a virtual quilt for January from the photos of more than FIFTY early blocks from sneak peekers. I think everyone will be inspired when they see the great diversity in fabrics and style.

Remember, our deadline for finishing up Block Lotto 2009 is tomorrow at NOON (east coast time). Terri, who won some of the Spool blocks last month and is donating her chances this month, will be choosing our December winners.


  1. I have 9 blocks for January to e-mail you too. I am also working on a quilt for me out of the block. I love it.

  2. Would love to join in the fun. Maybe not for January but after that.

  3. Marls, you (should) have mail from me about joining the lotto.

  4. I did 8 dots yesterday but they came out 4 1/4 instead of 4 so I am not going to enter them. I love them though and have just designed a whole quilt out of them and it includes the new block for January too. I can't wait to get back to the block lotto…I have been so busy with other stuff I haven't had a chance to play in a few months.

  5. Jewel, I know that whoever the winners are this month, they appreciate you measuring your blocks and deciding to keep them because they are not quite right . . . plus, what a design blessing for you. I can't wait to see your quilt and Dianah's (made from the January block).

  6. Hi Sophie. I tried this once before but my computer must have ate it! I would love to join in the Block Lotto. It sure looks like alot of fun. I found y'all in December but just had too much going on.


  7. Bonnie, we'd love to have you join us. You should have email from me with some more information.

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