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I mailed my blocks today. I was expecting to mail them first class, but because we are requiring delivery confirmation on the packages, my packages (envelopes) were too small to go First Class with Delivery Confirmation. The only way I could get Delivery Confirmation (which only costs 80 cents) was to either make the envelopes 3/4″ thick, so it would be a First Class package, or to go priority mail, which was over $5 each envelope. I did the latter because I didn’t want to repackage everything, but that seems crazy to pay over $10 to send out 9 blocks (two addresses).

Since this was my first time to mail these out, I’m just wondering how everyone else does this. Do you really pay over $10/month postage to join the lotto? There must be an cheaper way, but according to my post office there isn’t if I need the Delivery Confirmation. They said next time include something 3/4″ thick so that it can go as a First Class package.

I’d appreciate any advice, as I have 9 blocks done for Jan. already.

Quilty hugs,
Pat from FL & MI


  1. Are we supposed to send them with delivery confirmation? I haven't been doing that…

  2. Hi Pat,
    I have never put delivery confirmation on blocks for the lotto. When mailing 3-4 blocks I've only ever affixed 2-3 stamps and slipped them in a business or craft sized envelope for domestic US delivery. For bulky mailings though I go to the P.O. and let them ck it. Sorry you've had this trouble.

  3. Pat, I'm so sorry. You really don't need to add confirmation–please contact me with where you read anything about that and I'll FIX it. In almost seven years of the lotto, the number of packages that were lost in the mail can be counted on one hand. EVENTUALLY, everyone gets their blocks . . . though occasionally they seem to take the scenic route.

    I have only ever used delivery confirmation back in the days when all the blocks were coming to me and I was sending them to the winners via US Priority. And even then, I didn't put delivery confirmation on the packages to the International winners because of the price tag associated with it.

  4. I've used leftover greeting card envelopes to mail my blocks and haven't used anything but a 44 cent stamp., I wrap the blocks (usually staggering them to fit the envelope and make less bulky) with Saran wrap flattening out all the air; slip the recipients name and address on a piece of paper inside first. This in case the envelope gets torn..some honest employee may forward the wrapped blocks to the recipient with the address in there. Have never had them come back postage due either. I've got a friend that is a manager at a Rite Aid near by; I'm going to ask him for leftover envelopes for their greeting card display since I'm out. I was able to buy 10 at a dollar store once. Business size envelopes work good too. If you use the manila envelopes, it usually costs more.

  5. PLEASE be VERY CAREFUL and AWARE if you are using greeting card or other non-business sized envelopes. They may be just large enough to be considered a "large envelope" by the post office.

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