January winners

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And the winners for the tic-tac-toe blocks are:

Julie W.
Each of the above quilters will get 48 blocks each.
The final winner is:
She’ll get 35 blocks.
Congratulations All!


  1. Yeah!! Whoo Hoo!!! Happy Dance!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!! Guess I will have to do a set for myself. Have fun!

  3. Yipee!! What a wonderful welcome to the group!

  4. Congratulations to our winners … all SIX of you. Expect email from me soon.

  5. congrats ladies

  6. Congratulations! Lucky ladies!

  7. Congratulations!

  8. I'm really really pleased. In fact I'm thrilled – as all the blocks posted have been spectactularly amazing. Thank you so much random number generator!

    It's a bit of a black comedy moment though, as I joined Block Lotto thinking "No way I'll win, for months and months, if ever, there's loads of people doing it, it's a way to get rid of my stash and some experience in patchwork without filling up my house with more unfinished projects". How wrong was I!!!

  9. Hehe! I won my first month too, Lois – that was August 08. Haven't won anything since, though! 😉

    Congratulations to all.

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