Kelly’s Tic-Tac-Toe Blocks

Posted by on January 31, 2010 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Kelly emailed me with this photo of her 9 blocks.

Her nine blocks bring our total for the month to 263 blocks. It’s not quite enough for 6 winners–we’d need 12 more between now and noon tomorrow–but it’s an incredibly impressive beginning for the year.


  1. Being a newbie, I probably don't understand exactly how this works, but wouldn't there be 6 winners out of these blocks if everyone got 43/44 blocks? Or if 4 got 48 and 2 got 35 each?

    What do you do with the extra blocks, when you are between numbers?

  2. Yes, but … that's kind of a slippery slope and I'm colored by past experience. In 2004,when someone else ran the lotto, there were fewer and fewer blocks being made each month and she tried to inspire more people to play by creating more winners … so the winners often didn't win enough blocks to make a quilt.

    So, one of my goals is to make sure winners receive "enough" blocks, which has been a set of at least 48 for the past few years. More blocks give you more options, too if you're making a quilt for a specific person that, for example, hates pink so you don't want to include any pink blocks you happen to receive.

    I was just looking at the numbers and am tempted to make one more block to make things come out evenly (56 blocks for the winners #1-3, 48 blocks for winners #4-5). Plus one more block would give us a total 264 which would tie with May 2008 for the highest number of blocks in a month 😉

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