Tic-tac-toes for January

Posted by on January 14, 2010 in blocks | 6 comments

Here are my two hand-pieced blocks for January:

Not much chance of me winning this month (what a lot of blocks you’ve all made!) but good luck to us all – these will make a lovely quilt.

Best wishes from (still) snowy Derbyshire,


  1. Louise, never say never … you just pushed our number o fblocks this month to 179 which is enough for FOUR WINNERS. Why couldn't you end up being one of them, hmmm?

  2. It only takes – – – one- – – correct – – – chance! to WIN! Good Luck!

  3. By making two blocks, your odds of winning went up 200% over not making any (0%), so you never know…………….
    Is that really 4 winners so far this month? It's only the 14th. Maybe we'll have even more.

  4. I really, really like these blocks. What are the chances that someone could win – – – 2 consecutive months?- – – – -hhmmmmmm? Good Luck to ALL!

  5. While this isn't a record number of blocks for a Block Lotto month, it IS currently tied with the most blocks in a month since we moved to Blog Land … woo hoo!

    Ps to Rho–two consecutive wins has happened before and could happen again. Statistically, your chances this month are the same whether you won last month or not.

    … and to everyone, even if you don't win blocks this month, the good news is that these blocks are pretty quick to make, so you could make a set of your own.

  6. Have to agree with Sophie here gang. I didn't win for 18 months – not once – and then won two months in a row. Statistically, the odds are the same. One block is all it takes.

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