I planned to make some more love letters, but …

Posted by on February 3, 2010 in blocks | 4 comments

While I was watching 3 hours of LOST last night, I pieced these words instead.

I Love the Block Lotto After I add a border and quilt it, I was thinking it might make a nice blog badge for anyone who “hearts” the block lotto and wants to promote it on their blog. 

Crazy, isn’t it, how I keep finding reasons to make word blocks 😉 

The black and white fabrics in the pieced background aren’t really as dark and contrasty as they seem in this photo . . .  it’s just a really dark, gray day in Dallas today. 

If you’re curious, the B and L are 4 inches tall and “the” is 2.5 inches tall.  The piece itself will be the size of a doll quilt when it’s finished.


  1. Super cute Sophie… I am having a hard time with this piecing lettering. Can we applique the letters onto a pieced background? I don't want to turn them in if they are going to look different then the rest.

  2. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Yes, you can applique your word block (with turned under appliqué-no raw edges please); I have plans to make one appliqué block, but I keep distracting myself 😉 All of our blocks are going to look different, but together, I think they could become something special.

  3. I'll put it on my facebook profile. It's very cute!

  4. me me me, I want to have this on my blog.
    I'm really enjoying the friendship and help you have all offered. And also the other sites I get to see by reading your own blogs etc. I'm learning loads and I'd like to publicise it on my blog.

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