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Inspired by Lois, I got out my colored pencils and thought about what I wanted to do with my winnings. This picture is either 1/2 of a big quilt or a whole lap quilt. After framing them wonk-ish-ly in black, the blocks finish at 12″.
The inner border would be WoW.

I’m not in love with the outer border… almost feels too childish…Maybe leave out the outer border…or use the black…. hmm…?

The lap quilt would finish at 60″x 72″ or a the bigger one at 72″x 120″ (I think) 


  1. ooo I like the wonky. very advanced!
    I like the outside too, especially if you could order the blocks to correspond a little bit to the outside colours.

    you're only using half your blocks though – I think we get 48 (or am I hallucinating with that?)

  2. Not hallucinating…I'm the 6th winner, so I get 40 blocks. So, I could either make two lap quilts, or one big quilt!

  3. I'm loving both quilt layouts. I can't wait to see the finished quilts 😉

  4. This layout is growing on me as well.

  5. How about small x's and o's for the border?

    Linda C.

  6. That might be pretty cute….hmmm….thanks for the idea…

  7. when Andra did her cot quilt she used little TicTacToes (or maybe TTT centres) for her border, I rather like that idea too…

    arghhh so many choices!

  8. Sometimes I know what the borders will be in advance, but often, I decide on them after I have the center together and on the wall and can audition fabrics and design ideas.

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