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My daughter, Hannah Mae, is 7 and is learning to sew and do patchwork.  She’s watched me make the blocks each month and would like to know if she could make some to enter… I would be making sure that the blocks turn out correct, but she would be picking the fabric, following the directions, doing the cutting, sewing, and taking the pictures of her finished blocks.  Would it be okay for her to join the lotto?  I wasn’t sure because she’s not a “grown-up.”  She’d really like to see her name on the list of people who’ve made blocks, but I could enter them as part of my total if anyone sees a problem with it.

What do you think?


  1. I'm fine with it but I'm a newbie, so don't really count…

    Would she be up for winning the draw? (as in how would she cope with 40-odd blocks to sew together to make a quilt? Would she be overfaced?)

  2. I think if she actually won, it would be a great math lesson – we'd probably do a super simple setting, and make it lap sized…We'd probably tie it instead of quilt it…oh…I'm getting ahead of myself.

    I completely understand and won't be offended if it is determined that she should wait a few years to participate. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

  3. Kristin, I definitely want to help encourage your daughter and I don't want to sound like an ogre . . . but I have some concerns (based on past experiences with some similarities), so I am going to offer you this compromise.

    Hanna Mae (and anyone else's children) can make blocks and she will earn chances in the drawing just like anyone else, with these two restrictions:

    1. The maximum number of blocks applies to the household. So the two of you, combined, can enter up to 9 blocks this month. (As usual, you can make extras, they just won't count for chances in the drawing.)

    2. If we have multiple winners, there can only be ONE winner from each household. So if Hannah Mae wins blocks, you cannot, and if your name is randomly picked, she cannot also win. One set of blocks to a household.

    We will all be counting on you to make sure her blocks are well made and the right size, etc.

    Will that work for you (and everyone)?

  4. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I don't see her making more than one or two blocks a month. And then only when she liked the block for the month.

    Totally fine with the limits as well. I would like that if both our numbers won, mine would be re-drawn and she could win for our household.

    Thank you!

  5. I think it is lovely and am totally fine with it. I wish my daughter liked to sew.

  6. It sounds like a fine idea to me – I like Sophie's proposal. And I wish Hannah Mae luck in the draw (this month?) 🙂

  7. That's lovely Kristin and encouraging. I like Sophie's rules as well. My daughter will be one next week so don't know if she will like to sew. She likes eating my scraps of fabric though!

  8. I'm glad you came up with those rules Sophie, I think they're very fair and clear.

  9. We started on her word this morning! You can follow along:

  10. I also like your compromise rules very much, Sophie. As you & others may know, I have two daughters (and a son) who sew, off an on (not so much the son, being only just 7, but he is starting), so I could sure see this issue coming up in future, especially for something like the January blocks…

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