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This is my block for February. Please donate. “Pookie” is our “play” name for my granddaughter. (28″ x 9.5″ – hot pink and wow).
– – – – – – – – – – — CORRECTION MADE – – – – – – – – “Pookie – – Revisited – – – – –
The pic shown on top (blue background) is now within the Guidelines for the Lotto this month! (25 x 6.5) Yeah! Luckily for me, I didn’t have to take it all apart. I altered/shortened the “P”, the “K” and the “I”. – Quilt On!!


  1. thats also what my aunt Jackie calls my oldest, did you know theres a book called "Whats Wrong Little Pookie" so cute! I can't remmeber the author but it's on the girls bookshelf if you want to know

  2. Looks great, Rho. Glad you gave it a try!

  3. Lisa, I didn't know that there's a book by that name. I must have it. If you've got more info on it, plse advise. Cool, my granddaughter would love that! We call her Pookie, Poo Bear, Poo Nelly.

    Krista, thanx. I DID do it, huh? I didn't look at any instructions, I just went to the studio and started "pounding it out". I felt like an architect! or a worker on a road construction project! It was interesting. Different – and definitely…. OUT…. of my comfort zone – – – but I'm glad I did it!

  4. Yay! You did it! I've added it to our list.

  5. that's really nice Rho, I'm feeling inspired by what everyone's managed already.

    I've been looking at that Design Wall Monday on Patchwork Times and there's a lady called Tonya who has a tutorial on how to put freepieced letters together (I'm going to do a sample alphabet this week before I do any words), and a gallery of her lettered quilts. http://quiltville.com/tonya/alphabetgallery.shtml

    Now I know I've been given abuse by my family & friends about winning the TicTacToe (especially after some of us were immersed in the Long Weekend From Hell houseclearance marathon) when the idea was to get stuff out of my house, not into it; but nevertheless, with so many people making words and donating their chances (saying they can't see themselves making a word quilt), and looking at the inspiration Sophie's found and posted, and then this Tonya's lettered quilts – I'm going to have a go at some words, and I really really want to win this month because I want to make a word quilt too now! This site is dangerously addictive!

    So that I get my TicTacToe quilt right (it's going to be for my bed and not be batted, just backed so it can be summer use too) – can anyone recommend a really good book about patchwork/quilting basics – as I've never made anything so big before….

    I have a decent Bernina Artista 165 and lots of handsewing/ embroidery experience, and have only made a couple of samples, a cushion and a curtain from patchwork, none of it quilted. I've seen lots of talking about sashing between blocks which looks great, but I don't really understand the mechanics, but hopefully that'll be covered in a good book?


  6. thanks, Sophie, thanx Lois.

  7. Thanks Lisa,

    I just ordered —

    What's Wrong, Little Pookie? (Board book)
    by Sandra Boynton

    online – just now – via Amazon. Thank you!

  8. Yeah! I'm glad you tried it! Your dimensions say 9.5"….are the blocks supposed to be 9.5" or 6.5" tall…

  9. OOoooops!! Looks like I'm back in the studio tonight after work! Guess I should have looked at the directions, ehh?!

  10. Your "K" looks great. I've been having trouble with this letter. I'm doing lower case "k" in both of my words. I've made several versions. Your upper case "K" makes me want to do a word all in caps too… : )

  11. Rho, you did a great job of cutting things off (in typical liberated quilting style) to make them fit. Brava!

    June, when I make K's, I approach it a lot like our tic-tac-toe blocks. I start with a piece of background and "draw" the two diagonal lines with my rotary cutter, then insert strips and trim it to the desired size and add the vertical "line."

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