1. Yes, it's possible and it looks like you have 5 right-leaning blocks and 3 left-leaning ones. Because they need to be made in pairs, you can choose to:

    1. count only 3 pairs (of one of each attitude) for the drawing
    2. make 2 more left-leaning blocks and enter 5 pair.

    FYI, you're not the first quilter to do this.

  2. Yes, I did it too!!

  3. Me Three!

  4. Sophie -> So in her pictures it's:
    RRRR (first row)
    LRLL (second row)

    It sort of looks to me like the first one second row is right not left? But I'm guessing you counted is as left… What are the parts to look at to determine the lean?

    I can't do any sewing until after March 15th so just observing now…

    : )

  5. Liz – the fabric in your blocks is great! They have a lot of punch and flavor. Did you have to buy any or did you already have them all?

  6. June, yes, i saw the blocks exactly as you did and saw 3 pair (which I counted for the drawing) and two extra right-leaning blocks that need left-leaning partners in order to be included.

    I'm always amazed when I don't "see" something until after I've taken a photo and posted it on a blog. It happens to me a lot.

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