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Hi. I think I have it pretty well figured out, but this came across today, and I don’t quite get it:

>>So, the 9 blocks in the first pic are my entry for this month. Plus the far left block in pic two to go in the pot.<<

As I understand it, we can enter 9 blocks; that means 9 chances for us to win. Don’t those 9 go into the pot? So why is there any extra one “to go in the pot?”

Is that extra one just a bonus that the winner gets, and the maker gets no chance counted for that one? So it’s a block made out of the goodness of one’s heart, I guess.

Right? Please explain if it means something other than my guess.

Thanks for clearing this up for me.

Carol E.


  1. You got it.

    The 10th block is an extra block that is "going into the pot" but doesn't mean an extra chance in the drawing, since the maximum is 9.

    Because this block can be made in pairs, it's possible that someone would make 5 pairs, or 10 blocks, even though the maximum is 9.

  2. just to put it in other words, you can make as many blocks as you'd like for the lotto, those all count towards the pot, however you only can get up to 9 chances to win. a lot of people will say "I want my extra chances to go to someone new/someone who hasn't won before/whatever else they can think of)" so you can make 1-9 for a chance each, and anything above that is just to make it possible to have more winners!!

  3. Thanks Lisa.

    Just to clarify this thing to death, you can make as many blocks for the lotto as you are willing to send to the winners, but only 9 count for chances, whether they are for you or donated. For example, if you look at my name in the list in the left sidebar, you can see that I made 12 blocks this month, donated 9 chances and contributed 3 extra blocks.

  4. oops. didn't mean to cause any confusion!

  5. Just another another neophyte question that's kinda related… how is it determined who the extra donated block chances might go to?

  6. Jenn, donated blocks get evenly distributed among first-timers and then to others who have not yet won the lotto.

  7. I was wrong so I've deleted my post – but I still stand by Sophie being amazing with a round of applause from the UK.

  8. FYI, if anyone is ever curious about where the donated chances went, I'd be happy to share that information with them. Just ask.

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