April Shoo Fly Blocks (9)

Posted by on April 6, 2010 in blocks | 3 comments

Here are my blocks for April. They are made from the 3 different techniques (which were all very clear). These pictures include the one I sent in for the sneak peek for a total of 9. I’m not big on florals, but while I was looking, I pulled out a big bag of scraps someone gave me after the death of a family member. They are neat florals in three colorways, probably from the 1950s. I didn’t include them in the lotto because I’m not entirely sure of the fiber content, but you’ve inspired me to turn them into Shoo fly blocks.


  1. I've updated your blocks on the list. We now have a total of 101 blocks so far this month.

    When you make your vintage floral shoo fly quilt, be sure to share it with us.

  2. You could 'burn test' them to find out the fibre content…

    Get a scrap, set fire to it somewhere sensible like in a sink or over a saucer/plate, and see what colour the ash is.
    If it's powdery grey ash, it's all natural fibres. (I know there's a way to tell if it's cotton, silk or linen but I'd have to look that up)
    If it's black or a bit chewy looking, it's manmade fibres.
    If it's a bit of a mix, it's probably poly-cotton.

  3. Thanks, I actually did burn it when I first got the fabric. I knew to look for the ash, but didn't know about the color. It must have been a mix, because it was ashy, but blackish-brown.

    Very clear description of the burn test! You wouldn't believe the looks I get when I tell some of the garment district people that I want a swatch so I can burn it.

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