Blocks arriving in San Diego

Posted by on April 6, 2010 in blocks | 1 comment

I came back from my cooking class to find five squishies waiting for me on the dining room table. Once I (ripped them) opened them, I could see that each one was folded in a different way – all look great together.

Thank you to: Andrea and Julie (2 and 1), Dianah (2), Janet (1), Kristin (2), and Mary Jane (2).

This is so very cool…! My husband was very curious about all these envelopes and blocks (So will they look good with the ones you made? What? You mailed your blocks off? I like the colors!) and even my son came in to see that the envelopes had arrived!

: ) June

1 Comment

  1. Ho fun that your husband and son are interested. Looks like you'll have a couple of people at home to offer opinions when you start putting them together.

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