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Wow! Thanks for the comments. Someone even called them Picasso ‘ish and Cubist. High compliments for simple Liberated Logs from Block Lotto! Maybe I’ll name this quilt ‘South Beach’.

In the original rules for each block, you had to stick with the blue/green/purple color palette, but you also had to include a black and white or a black and a white. Other colors could be in there, but not dominate. There’s a blatant red start to one of my blocks. So sassy! She doesn’t belong, but I love her spunk! Also half the blocks had to tilt upward and half downward.

After taking comments into consideration, I decided to use sashing and not to use sashing. I didn’t want to lose the up-angle and down-angle of the blocks, so I decided to group them in sets of four. Then I’m sashing those in Kona black and using a perky white/blue/lime print for the cornerstones. Now that leaves purple out, so I do think the border may need to be purple. We’ll see.

Shown is my first row. All the rest are sewn in sets of four, awaiting their sashing and cornerstones. More progress tomorrow, God willing, and the creek don’t rise.


  1. Funny you are doing this; I was just in my sewing room and thinking of sashing around 4 blocks groups as well, but I wasn't thinking black….I'm still thinking on it some more….

  2. Great minds think alike!

  3. Very nice to see the beginnings of what you are doing with the blocks. I might be able to switch gears and start to dream myself about what I'll be doing with them too! I'll post my drafts too – what a good idea. : )

  4. They look great! Love that you were able to keep some of the Picasso-ish element and yet impose a rhythm on them. Can't wait to see your finished top!

  5. Oh Pat, you've given me such good ideas…I too was trying to figure out how to emphasize the leaning right/left along with adding sashing. Nowthe question, put down current projects to start this new one? Might just have to!

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