My April Shoo Fly

Posted by on April 25, 2010 in blocks | 2 comments

These are my efforts, and I’m donating my chances to anyone who hasn’t won. I mainly used the 3rd method. I had trouble with these because I cut the center panels too big, and then when I tried to cut it down to 8.5″ the corners and points got cut off. I had to try to rescue my samples by cutting down the middle parts, but then the total wasn’t big enough so I had to add new corners using method 2. I would have been less frustrated to just have recut new sets. (I have my mother’s frugal gene, even in the midst of this room with piles of fabric!). The yellow entry will end up with points cut off when used, so Sophie may not even want to include it in the batch. Back to my gardening!
Linda BigD


  1. Enjoy your gardening … it sounds like you've earned some relaxing time with the plants 😉

    The yellow block is OK. It's OK if a few points overall are lost. Your three blocks bring our total-so-far this month to 155.

  2. Your blocks are so cute and bright. Looks like you've got a garden in fabric as well.

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