Another three made

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They are square, they’re just very badly pinned to a loose curtain! Anyway these are my four for the month as I can’t find any more fabric that’s suitable as black (this is borderline as it’s doubledyed with a very dark green underneath).  And I really don’t like the lime on plain white and I don’t have any WOW unless I print some up.  I’m not donating my chances this month, I love the blocks and would like to win!  Thanks for another great idea Sophie.

1 Comment

  1. I think this technique has a lot of interesting possibilities. All the blocks this month have been great and I'm confident that they'll play together well and that our THREE WINNERS will be making some interesting quilts (or bags or wallhangings or something) from them.

    I've updated your number of blocks on the list; our total-so-far this month is 134 blocks.

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