More Blocks coming

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Thank you to Kate North in UK

Each day I get more excited..

I will call home and see if any packages…

Have arrived.

I showed my friends at work and they cant wait until I make the
top to show them.

Thanks also to Carrie.

The reason I need your names is that when I make my label I will
have everyones name on the label.

Until the next mail arrives.

Debbie E


  1. Debbie, I can send you a list of full names and city/state/country for your label, if you like. Of course, it's still good for me if you check off the blocks as they arrive . . . it will make it easier for me to figure who I have to bug in a week or so when you haven't received their blocks 😉

  2. My quilt show is next year 2011 so
    I am planning on having it in there with
    there names on the label.

    I might be 60 but, I am still a kid at


  3. I heard from a stashbuster member that she prints her labels on special cotton that she feeds thru the printer – does anyone here have experience with that?

    I was just going to use a fabric pen that I found in my craft box for my labels… and just write on a light square on the back of the quilt…

  4. There are a few brands of printable fabric sheets–here's a link to one–Color-fast sew-in Fabric Sheets. I've found this brand at Joann and Wal*mart and there are a lot of options like fusible, white or cream, washable or not.

    After you print the fabric in your printer, there are some additional steps before you use it in your quilt, so be sure to read the directions carefully.

  5. Very cool – guess I'll need to stick with my fabric pen for the quiltsforkids quilts as I imagine they will wash in machines – probably even dry via machine too!

  6. I have used the printer with the fabric on it
    and I use it alot.

    They usually have it at all the quilt shops.

    I always buy the packet. The one quilt shop
    I go to sells by the sheet.

    Then put fabric of the quilt top around it.


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