Some more Ideas for Asterisks Blocks

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When I saw Jewel’s asterisk flowers, I followed the link on her blog, Jewel’s Arm Candy to the Old Red Barn Company Quilt Along Pool on Flickr. Here are a few of the ideas that I thought were interesting and has permissions such that I could make this Mosaic image from them.  It’s working clicking over the Flickr to check out the rest.  (I really love the pincushion).  The direct links to the original images on flickr of these images are:

1. Asterisks done2, 2. Midnight Blooms, 3. Detail of asterisk layout, 4. Selvage Asterisk, close-up, 5. Asterisk block, 6. asterisk quilt top

I think our blocks will require some sort of sashing or alternate block because otherwise the liberated nature of the blocks could look like “bad blocks” when the strips don’t line up.  Simple skinny sashing in a fabric that blends with the background like in the upper left example would make our blocks appear to float in the night sky.  The polka-dot sashing in the photo at the bottom right adds graphic interest–notice that it doesn’t surround each block.  This quilt also has solid squares added, but in a random way. The alternate squares being auditioned in the middle left photo are added in a traditional way, but all the fabrics are different.  This WIP is going to be a table runner–won’t it be lovely.  The other two block photos are just interesting ideas for making this block, using selvages for the strips (middle right) and with different fabrics in the background (left bottom).

I’m loving this block because it can become a strong graphic design OR take on the personna or flowers, spiders, snowflakes, etc.  I commented on Jewel’s blog that I was so happy to see her flowers because yesterday I was designing a quilt in my head with Asterisk flowers, Asterisk spiders, and Asterisk stars in the sky.  Of course it would also have a pieced Asterisk border.  I think it would be fun to play with scale and make the whimsical quilt in my head . . . and it’s on my list for after the move.


  1. That would be a great idea! To put all of them in the quilt in different sizes to represent different things. If I win this month (not holding my breath) I might use the flowers as the center of the quilt. The flowers are 10" so they are slightly different size from our swap blocks.

  2. Can't you see an itty bitty "spider" block placed alongside one of your stems?

  3. Beautiful!

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