Congrats and a question

Posted by on November 1, 2010 in blocks | 5 comments

Congratulations to all the winners! I’ve decided to make some stars to alternate with strippy blocks for a personal quilt now.

As a newbie, though, I might have missed something… How do I know where to send my blocks? Or perhaps I’m jumping the gun and that information is forthcoming…

Thanks, and congrats again, you lucky winners!


  1. Sophie will send you an email with instructions where to send your blocks.

  2. Yes the information is forthcoming … my process is this. First I contact the winners to confirm that the mailing information I have from them is current and correct. I also ask them if they'd like to keep any of their own blocks. Then, after I have heard back from all the winners, I create a big chart which shows how many blocks everyone has made and to which winner(s) each person should send them.

    It doesn't take long to sort out and when it's done, I email everyone who made blocks this month with the information.

    Generally, if you made 1-4 blocks, you'll mail them to one winner; 5 or 6 blocks, you'll split them up and mail them to two of the winners and 7 or more blocks, you'll be sending them to three winners.

    FYI, I have now heard from all of our winners. The Austin Guild met tonight and I went to their meeting, so I'm just starting on compiling the information now … but hope to send it out later tonight.

  3. You're amazing, Sophie!

  4. Sorry, Sophie! If you knew me in real life, you'd be laughing… I'm a human alarm clock. My friends waver between my "usefulness" (they were never late to class!) and my tediousness.
    Thanks for everything!!!

  5. No problem, Kasey. I do try to keep the block lotto rolling on time each month, but sometimes (too often) deadlines clash with my other life events.

    Now you should have all the information you need to mail your blocks to one of the winners.

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