2010 December Trees

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Hello, all!  I’m Sara Homeyer from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Very glad to join your fun group.  I wish I had found you earlier in your “wonky” year, because I am a fan of Gwen Marston.  I would have enjoyed your earlier blocks.

Here are my first two pairs of trees, 12″ and 9″ when finished:

I find they are not quite “identical twins” because I don’t remember how closely I aligned the first set when sewing the layers together.  Hope that is OK with the recipients.

I decided right away to make a pair for myself right after making the Lotto pair.
Then I went back a read the directions again, and found I had gone wrong in using a solid jewel fabric for two pairs.  Back to the drawing board!

I found some TOT fabrics and made these three pairs today, which all seem to be leaning to the right:

Thanks to Sophie for her assistance.



  1. cute! maybe someone will make left-leaning trees to balance these out! (I'll see what I can do…)

  2. Sara, you are very welcome … and welcome again to the Block Lotto. Your blocks are great. I think we're shaping up to grow a wonderful forest.

    I realized when I was reading your blog, Sara's Scraps, last night that we MIGHT have briefly belonged to the same guild–the Western Michigan Quilter's Guild that meets in GR?

    I've added your blocks to the list.

  3. Oh, I love you guys, I live in Toledo, Ohio, I know Ohio, but I love MI too, I have joined this group but I have too many other things to do, someday I will really join you.

  4. Both sets of my trees leaned to the left so we are now balanced – lol!

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