november win

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This just blows my mind, that I should be a winner again. You quilters must be my lucky charms!! Hugs to you all!! Congratulations to all you “L” winners too! Isn’t it fun? Bless you all. Thank you, Sophie, for keeping everything running smoothly. We should all make a basket block or a”Sophie’s choice block” for Sophie as a thank you gesture for Christmas. What do you think? Coralie


  1. Congratulations on your win. I would be in to make something for Sophie.

  2. You guys are both sweet to offer. If you are up for the challenge, I could really use some of those log cabin rose blocks in pinks and/or reds, 6.5 (6 inches finished) or 9.5 (9 inches finished) squares … they will become border and filler blocks for the quilt I am making from the words I won in February. (I keep telling myself that I will get it finished by Valentine's day …)

  3. I was just clicking to suggest those roses for you! This will be a fun little project! : )

  4. And Coralie – have fun with the blocks you have won! Great idea for us to send something to Sophie too!

  5. I would love to do some more rose blocks. I finished piecing the top with the blocks I won and got it out again a few days ago to finish off. I have finally bought the batting and backing fabric. I absolutely adore it – it is so bright and cheerful and is going to be used in my spare room downstairs. Watch this space – I hope to have it finished soon.

  6. I just had a look at the words from February and see they were on a white background. What colour do you want your rose blocks set on Sophie.

  7. The blocks I have made have GREEN leaves/background. I guess I can't resist making a green and red quilt–it's such a classic color scheme, even if my quilt isn't going to be traditional at all.

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