Love These Stacks!

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Hi, I’m glad to join in. I’m Pokey, and when I saw Sophie’s easy strip project, I said, “This one’s for me!” I teach second grade, but I’m also always on the lookout for simple to accomplish squares for quilting. I tell everyone that they can make a quilt, and this is a great example.

I’m joining in for the first time here, thank you Sophie for your patience! Poor, girl, this elementary school teacher needs the grade 2 directions, she had to help me through 6 emails!

So, here are 4 blocks, and hopefully I’ll get a few more done before the end.

Thank you for letting me share in the fun with you.
Oh, and come visit me at Pokeydot Quilting!


  1. Don't be silly, you're doing fine and welcome to the block lotto, Pokey!!

    And your blocks look great! I've stopped being surprised when I see blocks made from fabrics that I know I've NEVER seen before … you have some interesting strips in your blocks.

  2. Your blocks do look great. The greens are really wonderful.

  3. I've been doing the BlockLotto for a year now and this month (I think) was the first time I had to write Sophie for extra help too! She helped me make a chart to figure out where to put the different fabrics…
    Blogged here
    There are a lot of behind the scenes emails for Sophie to sift thru!
    Anyway, your blocks look nice and welcome to the BlockLotto!

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