Oh, fiddle sticks…

Posted by on January 2, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

…(and other expletives)

I was just sitting here having a conversation with myself:
…Well done for finishing another 4 blocks
… That seemed much easier to find bright fabrics than for the trees
… I could have used some of these fabrics for the trees, why didn’t I?
… Oh that’s right they were too small to wash first as they might fray too much
… wash?  washwash?  Where did that word come from?
… Oh *&^%$£  – I forgot to wash the fabrics for the stacks!!!

So apologies to all, can I withdraw the 3 stacks already entered, and I’ll go and wash some lovely brights and get and wash some more white, and start again for January’s blocks



  1. Ugh … how I hate it when I remember something too late.

    Yes, I'll take your blocks off the list.

  2. 🙁

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