The Sneak Peek email for February has been SENT

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If you are one of the FIFTY people who have made blocks this month, you should have email from me with the advance info for the February block.

Because I just sent an email message with FIFTY email addresses in the to: field, there’s a better-than-even chance that your email application may decide I’m a quilting spammer, so if you don’t have the message, look in your spam folder.

This is also a good time for everyone who made blocks to double-check that I have the correct number of blocks credited to you in the list in the sidebar and, if you have a blog, that I have included it on our Blog Roll

I really enjoyed making the February block and have a lot of design ideas for using it … as usual.  I can’t wait to hear what all of you think.

1 Comment

  1. Cant wait to start – unfortunately just leaving for work – it will have to wait till this evening.

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