Tina’s June Blocks

Posted by on June 2, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

Here are my 9 blocks for June.

I used nine different prints: a light, medium and dark of each color (green, blue and purple). I cut 2 of the smaller rectangles and 1 large rectangle of each print and sorted them out. I wanted each block to have 1 light, 1 medium and 1 dark AND 1 piece of each color. (The medium green doesn’t look that yellowish in person.)

How many years does it take for fabric to mature in your stash? I know I have fabric much older than this piece of green from 2000.

I think these simple blocks will make great charity quilts. If I win this month, I will donate the completed quilt to our local Habitat for Humanity. The guild I belong to provides a quilt for every bed!


  1. I like how you laid your own light-medium-dark rule on top of the guidelines. Your blocks look great. I've added them to the list. We now have a total-so-far of 81 blocks.

  2. Tina, after taking a closer look, it looks like you may have repeated the SAME THREE fabrics in more than one block. The guideline for this block is that each 3-fabric combination must be unique. Of course, sometimes it's hard to be sure when looking at photos. Can you let me know … either way? Thanks.

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