Troublesome 3 Patch

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For such a simple block this sure has caused me problems. I had my nine made almost immediately I received the sneak peak. After looking at them for awhile I decided some of my purples were too red so set about changing them. Then I realised that I had used the same combination of fabrics in some blocks. Now that they are all complete I have been having trouble photographing them. One of the purples which I really like is photographing as blue and some of the paler greens are photographing as cream – I give up. I have tried them on a light and a dark background.

On a brighter note I posted my pineapple blocks to Kathy, Diana andSandi last wednesday so you should have them by the middle of the week.

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  1. I think it's great that everyone is really paying attention to colors generally and the guidelines specifically. BUT, no one should worry about colors not appearing accurately in their photos this month because purples and blues are notoriously bad in digital photography.

    I trust you all to follow the guidelines and make good choices … and if a little bit of red-violet or yellowy green slips in, it isn't a tragedy–though, if you win the blocks, I bet you'll definitely notice those as "not like the others."

    Maree, your blocks have been added to the list.

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