Krista’s Checkerboard block

Posted by on July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I have been getting more and more intrigued by these blocks every time I see them.  So yesterday, after posting my comment about making these with strips rather than cutting all the squares, I decided to try it out.  Took me 10 minutes, start to finish (including finding the fabric) to put these 2 blocks together.   I will probably make some more later this month, but for now, 1 pair from me – my first lotto blocks of the year.


  1. Welcome back, Krista! I've added your blocks to the list and also added your blog to the blogroll page and the right sidebar. ''Thanks for asking the OBVIOUS question about why not make these blocks in an easier way. I *still* can't believe I didn't "see" it.

  2. Thanks Sophie. I think I thought of it because my head was in tic-tac-toe mode, after making the backing for my quilt.

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