PB blocks received

Posted by on July 4, 2011 in blocks | 3 comments

I am so delighted with all the Pineapple blocks that I have received, and although I still have two more packages to arrive on my doormat from Janet R and Lydia, I think I will begin putting it together. Also need to finish the blocks for this months challenge, like an idiot I mis-read the instructions and have cut out double the number !!
Happy Room Diana


  1. Diana, Thanks for the update. I never received an email response from LPB (Lydia) about your pineapple blocks … I'm hoping all is well with her. If you end up needing some replacement blocks, I'd be happy to make one or some and I'll bet a few others around here would help, too.

  2. Diana, I'm posting another set of blocks to you today. I think I owe you three. I made extra. I sent the others several weeks ago – but sent them from a pretty remote village in Asia (meant to mail before leaving States, but found them in my bag!) Returned to States and email yesterday. I'm sorry this has caused you a delay. Blessings to you! LPB

  3. Diana – Sorry no mail today (July fourth) I'll post tomorrow. Blessings! LPB

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