poll re border for coin stack / snowball quilt

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I was the lucky winner of some of the January coin stack blocks and have putting the quilt top together this weekend. Here are photo, in reverse order of posting, of the progress to date.

The bottom-most photo is the progress to date. I think I probably need to add white sashing on the two outside edges and at the top and bottom, just to even everything out, but then I need a border, I think. (maybe not, please advise).

I have auditioned 3 or 4 fabrics as borders (but haven’t cut anything yet).

The next-to-bottom photo is a Michael Miller green fern fabric.

The next 3 are various Kaffee Fassett fabrics I’ve collected (with the last one only a fat quarter so I’d have to find more and buy more). Please comment and vote your preferences or send me off in a new direction! Thanks again for all the great blocks.


  1. The bright pink floral jumps out and sings to me! second choice the green – and I do rather like the yellow too!! You've got a great stash of fabrics!!

  2. I would add a narrow white border and then … well, I found myself liking just about all the possible border fabrics. Juilie's right, you have an interesting stash 😉

  3. I agree with Sophie about adding a white border – then the green for a wider border. (I also think you have a great stash!)

  4. I like both the pink and the green as well. You can't go wrong with any of them.

  5. I think the green jumps out best for me 🙂

  6. I like the green the best but think I would separate it from the quilt blocks with a narrow black border first, or maybe a deeper shade of one of the prominent colors in the blocks, making sure it was a color that did not appear in any of the colors at the edges of the quilt. Looks great.

  7. I love the green.

  8. I like the green best – it really POPS!

  9. I think Nancy's idea above is a very good one.

    When I first looked at it, my vote was narrow white, followed by a narrow border of the pink stripe-ish one and a wider green fern border.

    It's beautiful, and it will be lovely no matter what you choose!

  10. I kinda love how the stacks run into the top and bottom of the quilt, above the snowballs. I might keep it like that, and run them right into the border on the top and bottom. You could still add a narrow white border on the sides, if you wanted.
    Then I agree with a couple of the people who posed above—Nancy and Wendy—that two borders, one narrow and one wider would be nice. I like the green too.

  11. I agree that it has to be either the green or pink (my choice would be the pink) with a narrow border. Perhaps the background white with a few squares of colour to link it all together would be good for this. As Wendy says it will be beautiful whichever you choose. My best advise would be don't rush it – keep looking back over a day or two and see what occurs to you.

  12. I would go with the color that I wanted to bring out, but all work! It's a good looking layout, with the mix of both blocks ~

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