Whoo Hoo! Or however you spell it!

Posted by on July 15, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

The timing is perfect! I got my last three Pineapple Blossom blocks today. And I will be able to start arranging them tomorrow. I have to admit to using two of my earlier received blocks when I made a sewing machine cover. The colors were too perfect. Maybe you recognize your blocks?

Today I have one more row to sew together for the Kaleidoscope quilt along and I think I have three blocks to do to be caught up on the BowTie Block a day. My goal is to have Pineapple Blossom done by the end of the month. I’d better get busy! Thanks to everyone that contributed blocks.  Toni


  1. I love the sewing machine cover … and I can't wait to see your pineapple blossom quilt (and those from the other winners).

    I am embarrassed to admit that I started work on a cover for my Bernina a few months ago and got as far as making a single block … which is, coincidentally, the same block (in a different size) we'll be making for the block lotto in August.

  2. Toni – what a great use for left-over quilt blocks. I need twenty machine covers for new machines in a sewing lab (we don't like to continually lower and raise the machines in cabinets day in and day out – our cabinets are aging out – but I prefer to use limited money to update machines rather than cabinets – so we definitely need something for dust control.) Guess what students are going to be doing with stray blocks when they finish assigned projects early this next semester!?! Can I refer them to your picture? Blessings! LPB

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