A Post Office Shocker

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I confess that one of the reasons I mailed my blocks (checkerboards to Pokey and Shannon) so late this month was that I was dreading the trip downtown to what looked to be the closest PO to my new apartment. 

Then, last week,  the receptionist at the office told me about one in an adjacent town that was pretty close (and had lots of parking).  Even though I drove by to check the Saturday hours one night earlier in the week, when I pulled up and parked (in an empty parking lot) on Saturday morning, I was sure they were closed.  But they weren’t … I was the ONLY customer in the place.  That never happens to me.   I was in and out quickly … then went back to take a photo–because who would believe it?  (In the meantime, someone else had come in to mail something.)


  1. It's totally understood, Sophie, new move and all. Why, even here in big So. California, I look for small, out of the way PO's, which the one I use most is near my work, and looks to be half the size of yours, lol

  2. I go to a small PO in Elkhorn, NE – Boystown which is so near always has an 1/2 wait. Moving is stressful – hopefully you are doing well.

  3. While email and what not has cut into US Post Office customers, I feel it is really the WAIT WAIT WAIT that has pushed peeps to find other ways to "deliver". Enjoy your "found" Post Office!

  4. I don't live in the US, but I've had experience with post offices there both while visiting and on the receiving end of stuff my mother (who does live in the US) sends me – and it's not just the waiting which puts people off – it's that so often, the people behind the counter seem really put out when you want to do anything complicated. Even if it's actually quite expensive and would end up presumably keeping the PO in business! That said, my mother's local is excellent and the main lady who works there got to know me really well last summer when we were visiting – I mailed loads of swaps in odd sizes and thickness out from there… She was lovely. So if you ever need to mail anything from Savage, Maryland (worth it just for the postmark, surely!) I can highly recommend it…

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