August violets finally done

Posted by on August 17, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

Only 7 blocks for me this month. I didn’t want to cut into a large piece of black but managed to find a few smaller pieces and got enough squares for 7 blocks. But I do like this block and definitely will keep it in mind as a block to use again. Not wanting to just toss the cut off fabric I sewed a second seam 1/2″ closer to the corner when adding the background and cut between the two seams, resulting in cute little HST’s (imperfect since I just eyeballed the seam). Then I used the HST’s as leaders and enders while sewing the blocks together and made pinwheels. I’m not sure what they’ll end up in. I’ll probably use them as center for some wonky log cabins or crumb blocks, They’ll finish out at about 2″ pinwheel size. The picture also shows my high price design wall covering…an old flannel sheet…light green with snowmen. I use the back side so the snowmen don’t stand out quite as much.


  1. I usually save my extra HST like that but this time I decided they were too small. I guess you proved me wrong! Well done

  2. Oh, this looks really nice!

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