Pansy block

Posted by on August 24, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

Well, I’ve managed to finish the rest of the violet blocks I cut out for this month, but I just realized that I need a crib quilt to give away in a couple weeks so instead of entering them in the lotto, the violets will go into the crib quilt.

I originally planned to make a wall hanging with some extra violets and 2 of these “pansy” blocks, but now the pansies are going in to the crib quilt too.   

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll win this month and can still make the wall hanging out of the winnings!


  1. I love your Pansy block! Isn't it interesting the different way you can put these shapes together? I hope you'll post a photo of the crib quilt when it's finished.

  2. That's a lovely block, thanks for sharing.

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