Violets have been arriving

Posted by on September 13, 2011 in blocks | 3 comments

Violets have been arriving steadily since last week, but alas I am dealing with a hole in my house where the kitchen used to be (the picture makes it so much cleaner than it really is); I have to keep reminding myself we did this purpose.

A belated thank you to Coralie, Giselle, Julie, June, Laura, Maree, Mary Jane, Michelle, Tina & Wilma.  I love them ALL!

& as for Shannon & Cathy, I know I you owe violets…my apologies!  I have been trapped at my house making sure my dogs don’t eat the contractors (& vice versa).  They are all ready to go & I WILL get to the post office…this week-end?


  1. Been there done that on the kitchen remodel…gutted my parents kitchen back to the studs a year ago…but no contractors, just myself, my brother and my son for the majority of the work and dad and my DH helping as they could. The project was done in 2 weeks! Hope yours moves along as quickly. And Enjoy the pretty violets!

  2. oooh, a new kitchen, how exciting 😉
    don't worry too much about the violets, just make sure the dogs don't eat the contractors 😉

  3. Wow – a new kitchen. Do you have blog where you are talking about this process?

    Glad my violet block got to you okay.

    : )

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