A Posting-by-Email Gotcha

Posted by on October 10, 2011 in blocks | 3 comments

A couple of you who have tried to post via email have seen the message; 

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    <email address>

Technical details of permanent failure:
You have exceeded the the allowable number of posts without solving a captcha.

 This message apparently can occur if:

  • Your attached photo(s) is larger than 10MB
  • We have exceeded the undocumented daily maximum of posts via email

If you receive the message, first check that your attachment(s) aren’t too large and then try again the following day.

I wasn’t aware of the “gotcha” when I suggested posting via email to some of you … it looked like a viable work-around to the 100 author limit, but I can see what a PIA this could become.


  1. I haven't seen my Block appear on the BLOG so I presume mine was one of them that was in your "GOTCHA" Sorry it doesn't work.

  2. This will also mean that one can't count on being able to post their blocks on the last day.

  3. There usually isn't a flurry of posts on the last day, so we should be OK. Anyone who gets the error can always email their original message to ME. I check my email as well as the blog before sending the list of names to whomever is our winner-picker of the month. No one should miss out on getting their name in the drawing.

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