A Reminder about October Fabric Guidelines

Posted by on October 2, 2011 in blocks | 1 comment

The fabric guidelines this month say:


Your blocks MUST contain BLUE and CREAM fabrics.  If you like, you may also add Tan or Brown fabrics . . .  or not.     All fabrics may be solid or tone-on-tone (TOT) prints. 

A TOT fabric is a print where all the colors are different values/shades of the same color, so cream-on-cream, blue-on-blue, brown-on-brown.  If there is some black or cream in the print, that’s iffy but acceptable, but your fabric SHOULD NOT contain any reds, yellows, oranges, greens or purples.

As a couple of people who have contacted me point out, some of the blocks posted so far do NOT follow the guidelines. I’ll be in touch with the makers of any of the blocks that look questionable.

There IS a reason that the guidelines for the sampler are this specific and no other colors are allowed.  In this mix of many different types and styles of blocks, we need to keep the colorway consistent so we create a set of blocks for the winner(s) that play together despite all those those different fabrics, styles, and block patterns.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the clarification.

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