Block Lotto Meet-up at Houston?

Posted by on October 5, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

Despite the crazy hours I’ve been working the last week or so,  I think I may be able to get ahead of my project deadlines enough for a day away for a weekend in Houston . . .  and so I am making some last minute plans.   Anyone else planning to be there and want to meet for lunch or an afternoon break while at the show?

If you are going and are interested, please email me and let me know which days you will be there, what would be your preferred day/time to meet and your cell phone number.  I’ll put it all in a chart and share with everyone else who sends info … and suggest what looks like the best day/time to meet for the majority of us.

A heart you can hold in your hand.AND if you are a member of the block lotto community (or a friend of the block lotto) and want to identify yourself at the show, I suggest a stuffed string heart that you can pin on your shoulder, put on a band or comb and wear in your hair or attach to your bag …  like the one I made last February.  When I went looking for my directions,  I realized I never got around to blogging them, but, you can follow the step by step photos and my commentary (in the descriptions) in my Flickr photo set Heart Pin Step-by_Step.


  1. Sophie!!!!! Yes, I want to meet you! I hope I see you there!

  2. Sophie, Kelly (Markelas and I would like to meet in person also – – -and other block lotto members. We hope I see you and others there. I just told Kelly about this. we'll be makin' the hearts…rho/rhonda o

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