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It started off as one of those days….you know the kind I mean.  I had an early meeting at work.  We’re remodeling and it’s a…..challenge….to be polite.  Then I come home and grab my mail….bill…bill…bill…and then I smiled because I hit the envelope from Linda at the bottom of the stack.  I knew I would be getting beautiful batik curved rails, so things were looking up.  But then, she included some I Spy squares too and it totally turned my day around.  How did she know I was collecting these little squares to make an I Spy quilt for my grandson for Christmas?  They’re perfect.  Thank you so much, Linda.  Block Lotto people are the best.

Janet S.


  1. Oh. So THAT'S what I Spy fabric is. I got those, too, from Linda, and just thought they were cute charms. I learn something new every day.

  2. I hope you like them! I've made 2 I spy quilts so far; on more in the planning stage . I have pics of both on my blog. Ami Simms has a fun book on I spy's and there are many tutorials on the web if you google. Lots of swaps too.

  3. I made I spy's for my girls last year. They're rather addictive and the kids love them. Thanks again Linda.

  4. Janet, I have edited your post to correct the labels. It probably seems like a small thing to you, but when I have to INDIVIDUALLY do that for hundreds of posts each month, I can't help but wonder why so many in the group have so little respect for me or appreciation for the time I spend on the block lotto.

    Next time, PLEASE take the time to use the correct labels. If that is too much for me to ask of you, please DO NOT label your posts.

  5. Janet, Linnea, who is a block lotto member, is doing a quick turnaround I spy swap. I think her blog is "flynn n fabric"

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