Mary’s March 2011-Block Lotto Quilt

Posted by on October 23, 2011 in show and tell | 8 comments

I had to check back in the archives to see when these Blocks came to my house.  I found the answer HERE.
I thought it was April, but the posting was March and I was a newbie WINNER. Anyway.  It is all quilted and I wanted to post it with a picture of the backing.  I found the pretty red fabric that I used for the Border and Backing. I quilted it from the back and it took me a while to finish…there’s a lot stitching in there.

It is now ready to have the binding attached.  Once again I have to thank all those who sent me Blocks to make this pretty quilt.  I never knew I needed one until the Red and White exhibit came out in New York.


  1. I really like the look of your quilt. I, too, am a newbie winner (Sept.'s curved rails). I am curious as to why you chose to quilt from behind. That is a technique that is new to me.

    Gwen (aka Musicmama)

  2. Mary, your quilt would have fit right in with those at the Armory last spring. Nice finish!

  3. Love it!
    Janet S

  4. So pretty! I would never guess that those blocks came from multiple people! I hope to be a newbie winner soon 🙂

  5. Mighty impressed Mary, I too, never knew I needed a red and white…. made me some of these blocks as they are FUN…. but I am a long way to a finished quilt… as I said Mighty IMPRESSED, Mary.

  6. Mary, it is beautiful! I wasn't too sure I'd like it in the variety of reds, but yours is awesome. I like your border choices, too! Great finish ~

  7. It is gorgeous Mary. Sadly I haven't got my blocks out yet as I was a winner the month as well. Maybe that will push me to.

  8. I have just 5" of Quilting space on my Quilt Table and thought the design on the backing fabric would be easy to follow and stitch. It wasn't as easy as I hoped, hence the long amount of time it spent on the table. I wish I had a 'real' longarm with the computerized stitching. DH is hesitant to invest $$$ in one. It doesn't show up too bad from a galloping horse so the Quilt Police won't get me.

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