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While we are waiting for me to hear from the 9th winner (who was actually the first winner–yes, Corinne, I am talking about you), I have sent email to those of you who are currently authors on this blog but don’t have a blog of your own–or one that I know about anyway 🙂

I am looking for people willing to post on the block lotto bog via email only.  The demand to join the block lotto is consistently greater than the number of quilters who don’t frequently make blocks. 

When you post via email, your message goes automatically to the blog–this is not an email to a person that you must depend on to post for you.

The ONLY gotcha to posting via email is that you MUST include your name somewhere in your subject or message because all email posts will appear to be posted by me.

(Just like this one, which I posted via email)


  1. Sophie, I am willing to post by e-mail on the months I participate. I'd be happy for another participant to have my access to blogger.

  2. Me too Sophie – I'll post by e-mail and let someone else have access to Blogger.

  3. Sophie – I would be happy to also. Although I have no idea how – but I'm sure it's not hard.

  4. Where is the link for posting by e-mail. Do you just click on someone else's envelope?

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