Sophie’s choice for October

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I found my way to my sewing machine this weekend and made these 9 blocks:

sophie's 9 blocks

After I was done, I saw that I had made blocks based on triangles, circles and squares.Very geometric of me, eh?

The block on the top row is Broken Dishes.  It’s constructed from 16 triangle squares.  I used  light, medium and dark fabrics, placed to form a star.  As part of the rainbow scraps challenge, I’ve been making a monochromatic version of this block–you can see some of them here.

The circle blocks in the center row are Drunkard’s Path blocks arranged in the traditional Snowball arrangement.

The bottom row are scrappy blue and cream 16-patches blocks. 

A few people seemed to be stressing about choosing “sampler blocks” for this month.  For what it’s worth, I believe that almost any block can be a sampler block.  The only blocks I would eliminate are those that depend on being placed side by side with matching blocks in order to see the pattern.  I would echo the recommendation to check out the 8″ blocks on Quilter’s Cache–this link goes to the list of blocks 7″ to 11.”  The other thing to keep in mind is that it is relatively easy to resize any block based on a 4-patch or 16-patch grid to create an 8 inch block.  The links to Broken Dishes and Drunkard’s path go to 12-inch versions of the blocks on Quilter’s Cache.  If a 12 inch block is made from 3″ units, making 2″ units will result in an 8-inch blocks.  If a 12-inch block is made form 6-inch units, making 4-inch units will make an 8-inch version of the block.


  1. Hahaha. You answered the question I had in the beginning of your blog in the second part. You knew what question I would have when you wrote your blog. Thank you for teaching me something every month.

  2. Totally forgot to say that I find your blogs stunning. Love the patterns and love the color choices.

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