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I am so sorry, but no matter what I have tried, I cannot post on The Block Lotto blog.  I sent three blocks to each Wilma, Corrine and Kina.  I have read that Wilma received hers, but I have heard nothing from the other two.  I have tried several times, to post a query and no luck.  I do not seem to have this problem anywhere else, so I am desperately emailing you to see if it’s just me or the blog.  I will drop out if I can’t participate correctly.  I understand you cannot be saddled with my inability to post.  I just want you to understand where I am at.  I love the idea of this lotto and am ready to go the course….LOL!….but I am stuck here……shall I just keep emailing through you or drop out? 


Winota in Galt, CA (Wendi)


  1. Well, this came through loud and clear 🙂 As did your last post, asking if people had received your blocks (by the way, I think Corrine posted back on the 10th or so that yours had arrived).

  2. Wendi, I looked for email from you about problems and don't find anything since 9/23 (which was about a problem signing in so you could leave comments). I'm sorry this experience has been so frustrating for you.

    With more than 100 quilters participating, I think that we all have to understand that everyone doesn't log in as frequently, post as regularly (about sending and receiving blocks), etc. If you have sent your blocks, you've done your part–whether those blocks are ever acknowledged or not.

  3. Hi It's Kina, I did get my blocks from you they are beautiful. Thank you very much. I cannot post on the blog a new message from me. I'm not sure why so I hope this comes through.

  4. When you sign into blogger, make sure to UN-CHECK the box that says something about staying signed in. If the box is checked, people have trouble posting.

    I hope this helps.

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